Nut Cracker


Beautiful hand-crafted nut cracker, the perfect Irish gift for food lovers

Irish Made Nut Cracker

Beautiful hand-crafted nut cracker, the perfect Irish gift for food lovers

Is your penchant for nutty snacks hindered by the hassle of shelling? Indulge in a delicious feast of pecan nuts and walnuts with ease with our Irish made Nut Cracker. A clever and compact design allows you to neatly store this beautifully hand-crafted mallet and board without taking-up space in your modern kitchen.

The stunning warm tones of the natural wood grain doubles as a classic decorative feature on worktops and shelves. The clean lines of the design feature a subtle notch to secure the nut as you hammer away its shell. A versatile, Irish made utensil, the nut cracker can be used to prepare shellfish for tasty seafood chowders and pasta dishes!

Choose between Beech or Oak timbers depending on your taste. The Nut Cracker set also makes for a perfect Irish gift for the foodie in your life.

Available in Beech and Oak

Burn off some steam with these unique Irish made nutcrackers

All our gifts for women and men are handmade in Ireland using the finest materials. These make the perfect Irish made gift for family and friends and are all sustainably made in Co. Kildare


Using sustainably sourced hardwood, our bespoke homeware pieces are built to last a lifetime. By retaining the natural grains of the timbers across all products, we’ve ensured that each piece is truly unique. The warm textures of the wood are timeless, therefore, immediately complement a wide range of tastes from traditional to modern interiors.

At Coolree Design, we pride ourselves in creating luxury, Irish-made furniture, homewares and accessories. We’re always happy to work closely with customers. Want to make your gift extra  special? Why not customise it with a personalised message or incorporate the person’s initials into the design. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you!



Beech, Oak

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