warren hayes coolree design

Coolree Design designs and manufactures high end furniture and homewares. Owned by Warren Hayes, a furniture maker with a passion for contemporary design, who has quickly become one of Ireland’s leading young designers. Warren’s furniture making knowledge and skill was forged at the illustrious GMIT Letterfrack, in the west of Ireland and further developed through his work with some of the most esteemed furniture designers and manufactures in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Coolree Design was set up in 2018 with design at the heart of the company, the focus of each piece on – Simplicity and Beauty.

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Along with creating bespoke pieces of furniture, we also produce a range of homewares which are being sold through selected retailers around Ireland. The Coolree Design range includes beautiful, functional and playful items such as the WRAP and LOOP wall hooks and SPUN desk clocks and bowls. Many of the items in the range exhibit a playful, colourful aspect. “I love timber and am passionate about it, but I also feel that if you have too much it can become a bit bland – sometimes colour can add life to the timber and it allows the scope to develop my products and to keep on-trend as time goes on.”

The aesthetic of Coolree Design is a combination of the modern and the traditional. Warren’s experience of working with some of the top furniture designers globally means that he has developed a strong sense of design and a critical approach to his work – developing a brief, tweaking the design, reviewing and refining the products until satisfied with the end result.

We enjoy Mid-Century Scandinavian style but have chosen elements of that period which we believe have stood the test of time whilst dismissing elements which have become dated. It’s about exploring which elements of design from the past still work for today’s consumer. Some of the details no longer work and so it’s about incorporating the ones that do work into our own work. We strive to create beautifully simple products, which also have enough detail to make them special.